Phone Banks & Other Get Out the Vote!


In partnership with the Coalition to Protect NC Families and local chapters of HRC and PFLAG as well as the Triangle Freethought Society, the UU Fellowship of Raleigh holds one of the most successful phone banks in the state. Our remaining phone banks, which will focus on reminding our supporters to get out and vote on May 8th:

Training will be provided at the beginning of each wave. Please do at least two hours with us and more if you can! We are encouraging people to take the day off work May 7 and/or 8! We need at least 15 people to complete each of these time "waves" which will include snacks (feel free to bring some to share!)

--Tuesday, May 8th, from 8-10:30am, 10:30-1pm, 1-3:30pm, 3:30-6pm and 6-7:30pm in Upper Peace Hall in the Clara Barton Room (Founder's Hall is a polling location)

What If I Can't Make It to Those Phone Banks? There are phone banks all over the state. Contact Adam Limehouse at 301-653-0807 to find out where or UUFR's Tracy Hollister at tracy_hollister at yahoo dot com to find out how your group can make calls from home.

Directions The Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Raleigh is located at 3313 Wade Avenue (27607). Park in the lower lot. Directions are here.

How Many Volunteers Can You Take and How Do I Sign Up?
As May 8th approaches, we need many more people joining us for each phone bank. We take between 20-40 volunteers each time, feed you free dinner (for evening phone banks) and do training, give you prizes and have fun along the way! Please help us break new records!

Use this UUFR Sign Up for Phonebanking & Other Get Out the Vote Efforts to Defeat Amendment One for any of the phone banks and to help with other things like standing outside the polls (now through May 5th and especially 5/8), driving people to the polls, and making phone calls to recruit other volunteers. We may also still need a handful of data entry people during the phone bank if you fear the phones (though we'll be making "warm" calls to our friendly supporters, so fear not!)

What Else Should I Do Before Each Phone Bank?
1) Bring your cell phones and laptops. We will also have some cell phones and laptops available for those who need them. We can block your # if you like (but we don't recommend it). Also bring your appetites!

2) To ensure you get regular notifications of the phone banks via email, give your email address to Claudia: c3knit at gmail dot com.

3) Share this UUFR-created video on Why & How We Can Defeat Amendment One

4) Please spread the word to your friends and groups in person, by forwarding your notification emails, sharing the link to this page on web sites, and and promoting the phone banks via social media. If you are on Facebook, say you are "going" or "maybe" if you cannot go, so that you can invite your friends! Below are unique FB pages for each phone bank:

--5/6 Sunday afternoon with free lunch
--Monday, Monday, May 7th, from 8-10:30am, 10:30-1pm, 1-3:30pm with free snacks (Monday night has its own page; see below)
--Monday, May 7th, from 6-8:30pm with free dinner 5/7
--Tuesday, May 8th, from 8-10:30am, 10:30-1pm, 1-3:30pm, 3:30-6pm and 6-7:30pm with free snacks

Why Are We Doing Phone Banks?
This is one of the Coalition's most effective tools. There are more than enough reasonable, fair-minded, compassionate people in NC who would vote against this Amendment. It's a matter of finding them and turning them out to vote. Help us do that!

View an HRC Back Story article on our phone banks!

You can still use the Google survey form above to sign up for other "get out the vote" activities other than phone banks. Here is additional information on
--Being a poll worker in Wake County

If you want to phone bank from home, please contact UUFR's Tracy Hollister at 919-610-8477 or the Coalition's Triangle Regional Field Director Adam Limehouse at 301-653-0807 or Field Officer Morgan Hinton at 919-710-4944. Without being able to talk to Tracy or Adam, here are more instructions on how to make calls from home:
a) Sign up here and get some training --
OR to get started right away, go to the Protect NC Families site at and do the following to sign up:
1) Click on "Make Calls"
2) Click on the tab to create a new account
3) Enter your username, name, address, email, home #, etc.
4) The web site will say that instructions are sent to your email address
4) Find your username and password in your email and either login into the site with that or click on the one-time login link to change your password
5) If you used the one-time link, go to the edit tab to enter your preferred password and specify your time zone
6) You will then see a person and number to call along with a script. If they are not available, do not leave a message or talk to the other person in the household. Indicate the status of the call on the right.