If you or your friends have not already signed a hard copy pledge to vote against Amendment One, you and your friends can sign the e-pledge on the Protect All NC Families webpage! It's quick and easy; just click on the link below!

Once you've taken the e-pledge, please get TEN others to do the same by posting the following on your Facebook status:

If you have not done so already on paper or online, pledge to VOTE AGAINST the poorly written and harmful Amendment One and then please comment below that you did it AND copy and paste this into your status update to share this yourself! My goal is to collect at least TEN new signatures. http://www.protectallncfamilies.org/content/pledge-to-vote-against

Then for whoever comments that they signed the e-pledge, please record it here so we can keep track of our collective efforts here!
OR copy and paste the Google spreadsheet URL from here:

AND if someone promises to share it based on your post to them, please send them this spreadsheet and ask them to record who signed up from their posts to, and so on spreading the word!