Monday, April 2, 2012

Why is NC Different From Other States?

Some say North Carolina is more progressive, in some places is more educated and has a great deal of civic engagement.

This N&O article poses some other thoughts about why NC may be different from other Southern states when it comes to Amendment One.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Phone Banks at UUFR

Our UU Fellowship of Raleigh is hosting over 20 phone banks, with these dates and times:

6:00-9pm in the Founder's Hall room below the Sanctuary in the Fellowship Hall building (but come at 6pm for complimentary food and fellowship!)

Thursday nights from February 9th to May 3rd
Monday nights from March 26th to May 7th
Tuesday nights April 24 and May 1

We'll have free food starting at 6pm for those who would like to eat before the phone bank starts at 6:30pm.

Go to this page to learn more about our phone banks and RSVP for the next one.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

UUFR in the Press!

In the past few days, UUFR's name has been in the media associated with our efforts to fight Amendment One.

First, on Monday, UUFR members including Bob Chapman (pictured left) and Tracy Hollister (pictured below with Georgia Winfree of Someone's Sister, who rocked UUFR on Sat 2/18 at the benefit concert) were among about 20 speakers at Monday's Wake County Board of Commissioners meeting who spoke out against Chairman Paul Coble's resolution in support of Amendment One.

UUFR Social Action Committee members Jane Hunt, Robin Allen, and others were also in the audience. Unfortunately, the Commissioners passed the resolution 4-3 along party lines. Here is the coverage, including UUFR's name in the photo caption (which has since been published in the Charlotte Observer, where over 300 people commented on the article).

The Coalition to Protect NC Families circulated a petition after the meeting to Wake County residents saying that Paul Coble (Board Chair, pictured here) does not speak for us. Sign it! As of Feb 23rd, the goal is 15,000.

Second, the Independent's Bob Geary, who attended UUFR's 2/18 benefit concert, wrote this article in about both the concert and our phone banks.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Conservative Author Opposes Amendment

Peter McClelland, writing for UNC's conservative journal, The Carolina Review, gives North Carolina conservatives and evangelicals a number of reasons they should vote against Amendment One (or the so- called “Marriage Amendment.”)

He writes that the Amendment "may seriously violate the federal Constitution." He continues by stating that it may threaten "individual liberty and exemplifies a government overstepping its bounds." He believes those things should bother conservatives who prize "freedom and limited government."

McClelland cites two two parts of U.S. constitutional law that the Amendment violates: The Fourteenth Amendment and Article IV, Section I. The former prevents states from denying persons equal protection of the laws; the latter basically says that each state shall recognize the laws of every other state. He concludes with an argument urging evangelicals to vote against the amendment.

Read the full article.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Foes of Anti-Family Amendment Urged to Fight

In the heart of the most liberal enclave in North Carolina, opponents of the constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage heard strong words and sermons that their cause may be headed to defeat in the May primary election.

"The vast majority of people say they will support this amendment to ban same-sex marriage," said Alex Miller, who heads the Coalition to Protect North Carolina Families. "If the vote were today, it would pass."

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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Miriam Saxon takes on misuse of religion to justify discrimination

Clergy members stand against Anti-Family Amendment

As a Jew and a Christian we disagree on many things. One believes the Messiah has not yet come. One believes Jesus of Nazareth was He. Our politics are rather different too. One of us is as progressive as the other is conservative. And yet despite these differences, we are friends. Friends who share the fundamental Judeo-Christian world view that God made all persons in the divine image. Friends who are grateful that our nation's Constitution protects the basic human rights of all persons.

On these latter grounds, we oppose the upcoming statewide referendum on marriage. We believe it not only assaults the dignity of gay persons in lifelong committed partnerships, it alienates them from the life, liberty and happiness they desire to have.

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